Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Welcome!  I never really intended to have a blog, but I figured since there are so many out there, one more couldn't hurt.  This is not intended to be some stuffy, distant examination of food, whisky and beer; rather, all of those things are, in my mind, fun, so why shouldn't reviews of them be the same?

Food is a required part of our lives, sure, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't be discriminating in our tastes.  This isn't 1740, when you pretty much just ate what was there; with the massive abundance of food available to us as Americans, we can generally find a way to eat good food every day.  This blog will include my reviews of restaurants that I go to, some recipes of my own invention, and occasional rants against the idiots who tell us that we MUST eat organic/vegetarian/insert your own adjective.  I'm not knocking the people who do choose alternative diets to my beloved omnivorous lifestyle, I just don't like the increasingly haughty and entitled attitude that often comes along with it.

Whisky...ooooh, whisky.  Hell, even whiskey sometimes!  Whisky, for those who don't know, refers to Scotch, or whiskies based off of Scotch, such as Canadian, Japanese, etc etc.  I will focus on Scotch, mostly single malts, other than the occasional critique of a particularly good (or bad) blend that someone gives me as a gift.  I'll occasionally delve into Irish whiskey or Bourbon as well.

And finally, beer, that most cherished of all alcoholic beverages; from the cheap (PBR draft for a dollar anyone?) to the, well, not cheap (I've spent $18 on a four pack of Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale before), beer is virtually omnipresent.  Stay out of Iraq, Iran, and a few other countries where Sharia or similar legal styles ban it (and I suppose there are other reasons to stay away from Iran and Iraq too...but do you really need any?) and you can get beer; hell, people even plan trips around it, and who can blame them?

So, I hope you'll keep reading in the future, and if anyone has any suggestions of beers, whiskies, restaurants, recipes, or anything else, feel free to throw it out there, I'd love to hear what you've got to say.  On occasion I may also throw in some unrelated posts about sports, books, politics, television, or whatever else gets stuck in my head on any given day; feel free to ignore them.


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