Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brick Wall Burger Update


I went back to Brick Wall tonight and had the Burger Mosto Cotto, while my friend had the Burger Piemonte (portabello mushroom, truffle oil, parmesan cheese, and caramelized onions), and both were fantastic.  The Mosto Cotto, named for the red wine reduction sauce on the burger, was succulent, with just the right combination of savoriness from the beef, sweetness from the sauce, and tang and acid from the arugula and tomato.  The only disappointment was the mozzarella, which seemed rather flavorless; I think it was just extremely mild cheese (not my preference for mozzarella) and the other flavors easily overwhelmed it.  Also, the texture, which was pretty good on its own, was too soft when combined with the burger's similar texture.  The tomato did add a nice crispness and bite, however.  The Piemonte was delicious as well, though I only took one bite; my friend loved it, and I'd trust her opinion on this.  The french fries were even better today than normal, super crispy exteriors and soft interiors, salted perfectly; couldn't ask for better.

One thing I'd like to change my opinion on is the ketchup; I don't know if the batch that I had today was different from normal or if they changed their recipe, but it was far better.  I heard recently (and it wouldn't shock me to discover this was true) that ketchup is the taste most Americans have trouble adjusting to when it's not what they're used to, because Heinz, and Heinz copies, have been all that we are exposed to for our whole lives.

I am a bit disappointed to report that the Bull in the Bramble burger no longer appears on the menu; I had really been looking forward to trying it (raspberries and beef are a great combo), but I guess it must not have been a big enough seller for them.


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