Sunday, November 11, 2012

Harpoon Winter Warmer

With a deep reddish brown color and a light, creamy head, the Harpoon Bewery Winter Warmer is a beautiful drink when first poured, but the head disappears quickly, leaving only a lacy trace of that foam around the edge of the glass, an early sign of the disappointment that will come from drinking the beer.  The flavor is mild, without anything standing out or coming to the forefront, really just a stronger, deeper version of any basic American ale.  There is almost no bitterness, and no flavor of hops, two things that I look for in a good beer.  It lacks the depth of flavor, or “volume” of a good winter ale, and at microbrewery prices, it is not worth it when there are options like the Geary’s Hampshire Special Ale available.  If there are no other micro-brewed ales available, then it isn’t the worst choice, but like the rest of Harpoon’s offerings, I’m consistently disappointed by what I experience.  I always come away glad I didn’t go for the cheaper, macro-brewed beers, but overall it is lacking.  The high note, sadly, is that it came in a neat custom wine-type glass.  I don’t think I will come back for this one.

As a side note, the only reason I ordered this is because when you're sitting in an airport awaiting a flight you're really not looking forward to (hell, when does any actually look forward to a flight?) virtually any beer will do.  It didn't make the flight any better, but it was worth a shot.


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  1. Dude- Its harpoon? What where you expecting? :P Try a bloody Mary next time! Airport drink of choice.

    1. A proper airport drink is clearly beer, wine, or whisky. A Bloody Mary is only appropriate for mornings, and is disgusting at all times of the day.