Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Galaxy Hut (Clarendon, Arlington, VA)

I love finding a good place to just hang out and have a beer and a snack, and Galaxy Hut, one of the first places I ever went after moving here in August, has been a favorite ever since.  The bar is tiny, just one room that holds less than fifty people for their twice weekly concerts (Sunday and Monday nights), along with a great little outdoor patio that has a few small tables and one larger table in a corrugated tin hut at the back.  Sitting outside is great during the warmer months, but it does get a little loud inside when it's full, though not so loud that you cannot have a conversation. 

The beer list is extensive and impressive, about thirty rotating taps with seasonal, local, and other assorted craft brews, grouped by category.  They have some spectacular options, regularly having some of my favorites, like Bell's or Founders, and always something I have never heard of.  The beers are available in a variety of pour options, and are not super expensive for this area, but would be expensive back in non-Boston Massachusetts.

Food, on the other hand, is both cheap and delicious.  I originally went there (and, quite frankly, returned each time) because they have tater tots, and they are delicious.  It is like being a child again, except better, because there is beer now.  Plus, these tater tots are delicious, served fresh and hot (they probably started life in a factory, but hey, who cares, they are freaking awesome), with a couple of different sauces available, with the best being their honey mustard.  I also tried the eggplant fries a couple weeks ago, and they were really good, but only for about the first ten; after that, I was bored of them, especially because they have no real textural contrast.  I have yet to have anything, because I tend to go there when I just want a snack (aka, tater tots) and a drink, but I intend to have real food there soon, and I have no doubt it will be good. 

The menu is heavily vegetarian or vegan (in fact, a couple years ago they eliminated meat from the menu entirely, only to reverse themselves upon realizing it was cutting into sales.  Everything can be made to suit vegetarians or vegans, and they use different equipment to make the meatless meals.  Gluten intolerant diners need not fear either, as they do appear to offer the ability to make much of the menu gluten free friendly. 

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